kids first


Every child in our community deserves a chance and a champion. The Kids First initiative serves Title I elementary schools in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Title I schools are schools classified by the government as having a majority of low income students, or at least 40% of its student population eligible for free or reduced meals.


In Montgomery County alone, there are 25 Title I schools -- a fact of which our community is often unaware. Sponsoring Title I schools is imperative to closing the gap that exists between educational standards for low income students and middle to high income students. Supporting Title I schools in your community gives every child in your neighborhood the opportunity to grow, learn, and explore his and her talents in a modern and intuitive classroom environment. Additionally, hardworking teachers, staff, and administrators could also use a helping hand, many of whom who often dig into their own pockets to keep their classrooms up to date.


Through our Kids First initiative, we endorse achievement and excellence by providing necessary resources to Title I schools. Our approach is community-driven: we provide exactly what our schools need. With an emphasis on the three most important sectors of the learning experience, Kids First includes an issue area for everyone to sponsor. 


civics & history

Social studies classes are crucial for a child to learn everything from the world about them, to the processes of American government, to the history and culture that form civilizations. Too often swept under the rug in current curriculums, civics and history classes are imperative in teaching children how to be active, aware citizens and compassionate members of their community. Kids First sponsors classroom resources that ignite students with the desire to be public leaders and community problem solvers.


literature arts

Love of literature is a one way ticket to foreign destinations, fantasy worlds, the past, the future, and endless adventures. Literature classes have the power to spur children into becoming readers for life. Such classes also have the potential to inspire students to become writers of their own stories, and encourage them to put their narratives to paper. Kids First sponsors lifelong readers and writers by providing classrooms with writing resources and books, particularly stories representative of our diverse communities.



STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math. STEM classes instigate creative thinking, on- hands learning, and budding scientists. STEM students often grow up to compose a portion of the national workforce that is both significant and necessary, so it is important to provide young leaners with the tools and encouragement to explore the wide world of STEM.  Kids First sponsors classroom resources that make learning STEM fun and interactive, such as science experiments and toolkits.  


gaithersburg elementary is one of montgomery county's largest schools - and it's also a title i. check out this video to hear from school principal meredith mcnerney on how we funded back to school for all 968 students there in the autumn of 2017. 


schools should flourish.