our vision

Flourish Global Initiative is a youth-based 501(c)3 nonprofit that empowers and enriches the lives of children marginalized by poverty and discrimination. Our motto is simple but strong: "Give today, grow tomorrow."


we serve with a story.

Flourish Global Initiative was originally formed in 2014 as the "Flourish Club" and is now run by co-founders Rianna Jha and Naomi Dukaye. Initially an informal group working in concert with established charities, Flourish Global Initiative is a labor of love that has now evolved into an 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization operating locally and globally to empower and enrich the lives of children marginalized by poverty and discrimination. 

Youth involvement is at the heart of our organization. "Flourish Club" was founded when our directors were in high school and seeking philanthropic opportunities beyond the norm for youth. Now, Flourish Global Initiative stays true to its roots; our organization is youth-led, youth-based, and youth-focused. With college students leading our board, we open up service experiences for middle and high school students that exceeds merely going through the motions or racking up service hours to fulfill a graduation requirement. By supplying micro-grants, fundraising resources, and providing a venue for executing creative and compassionate ideas via our Flourish Clubs program, Flourish Global Initiative gives our youth coalition the platform to respond to public problems and improve their own communities that they are so often denied. 

Definitively "by and for our generation," Flourish Global Initiative's three central programs focus on issues that effect children. Our Nourish & Flourish initiative combats food insecurity for children and families in the Washington, DC area; our Kids First initiative serves local Title I schools; and our Little Sisters initiative fights for gender equity in the developing world. 


we serve with a definition.

How do we describe what we hope to achieve? It's all in a name. "Flourish" is a verb, defined as the act of "growing or developing in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment." "Global" is an adjective, defined as both "relating to the whole world" and "embracing the whole of something." Lastly, "Initiative" is a noun, defined as "the power or opportunity to act or take charge."

Our organization is formed of each of these sentiments: the aspiration for marginalized communities and children to flourish, the conviction that our work be global, both in our geographic scope and in the wholenesses of our efforts, and the dedication to not only taking a personal initiative on public issues, but also encouraging and enabling other youth to do the same.  


we serve with a purpose.

Having formed our precursor at the age of sixteen, we are dedicated to the belief that philanthropy is for everyone. Flourish designs projects at a grassroots level, establishing partnerships with local organizations and working intimately with communities to best serve the needs of our cliental. Philanthropy should be personal, and so we curate programs and projects that directly respond to the challenges fared by our clients. 

Flourish Global Initiative is also rooted in the conviction of social responsibility, or that we have the obligation to act in the best interests of our local and global community. In order to do this, we single out public problems that stem from conditions of inequity and adversity, whether it be poverty, gender discrimination, socioeconomic status, or a mixture. For this reason, Flourish Global Initiative operates as a multipurpose organization, here and abroad.  

Lastly, we believe that participation in the public space is important, and that we should all be inclined to be active citizens in our local and global communities. Flourish Global Initiative facilitates civic engagement by partnering with corporate sponsors and utilizing a community driven approach to operate our initiatives. Additionally, we believe that the future of civic engagement rests with a younger generation, and so we tap into the compassionate and creative potential of children via our "Flourish Clubs" program, which offers students a platform to launch their own ideas for bettering their community.