Our Vision


Having formed our precursor, Flourish Club, at the age of sixteen, we are dedicated to the belief that philanthropy is for everyone. Flourish designs projects at a grassroots level, establishing partnerships with local organizations and working intimately with communities to best serve the needs of our cliental. Philanthropy should be personal, and so we curate programs and projects that directly respond to the challenges fared by our clients. We also offer donors the opportunity to see where their dollar goes, a unique contribution experience afforded by our small size and bottom-up structure.  

Flourish is rooted in the conviction of social responsibility, or that we have the obligation to act in the best interests of our local and global community. In order to do this, we single out public problems that stem from conditions of inequity and adversity, whether it be poverty, gender discrimination, socioeconomic status, or a mixture. For this reason, Flourish operates as a multipurpose organization, here and abroad.  

We believe that participation in the public space is important, and that we should all be inclined to be active citizens in our local and global communities. Flourish facilitates civic engagement by partnering with corporate sponsors and utilizing a community driven approach to operate our initiatives. Additionally, we believe that the future of civic engagement rests with a younger generation, and so we tap into the compassionate and creative potential of children via our "Flourish Clubs" program, which offers students a platform to launch their own ideas for bettering their community.

Flourish Global Initiative was originally formed in 2014 as the "Flourish Club" by then sixteen year old Rianna Jha, Naomi Dukaye, and Jennifer Codd. Initially an informal group working in concert with established charities, Flourish has now evolved into an youth-based, 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization working globally to empower and enrich the lives of children marginalized by poverty and discrimination. Children are not only the most vulnerable to conditions of adversity, but also the mirror into our future. 

Youth involvement is at the heart of our organization. Founded and led by college students, Flourish seeks out to carve out philanthropic opportunities for children, teenagers, and young adults that are beyond simply going through the motions or racking up service hours to fulfill a requirement.

Believing strongly in the conviction that our work should be "by and for our generation," Flourish provides the resources for our youth coalition to be bold, compassionate, and innovative in responding to public problems. Young people are filled with great and creative ideas to improve their communities: yet, too often, are not given them the platform to explore them. 

Flourish Global Initiative's slogan is "Give today, grow tomorrow," which encompasses our belief that personal philanthropy, social responsibility, and civic engagement together fuel community development.